You can find collections of all of the resources included in the Atom Frenzy module below.

The updated individual equipment instructions and complete equipment list will be completed soon. A draft equipment list can be found below:

AF 1.1 – Making Atoms

AF 2.1 – Introducing Molecules

AF 4.1 – Introducing Magnetic Forces

AF 4.2 – Introducing Electric Forces

AF 4.3 – Lifting Things with Static Electricity

AF 5.1 – Melting Ice

AF 5.2 – Boiling a Kettle

AF 6.1 – Dissolving Sugar

AF 7.1 & 8.1 Measuring Viscosity

The following plays and songs can be performed directly as part of the Atom Frenzy science lessons, or separately in drama or music lessons.

The information regarding testing is primarily intended for teachers who are participating in our research program. If you are not participating in our research, the tests may still be useful in assessing your own students’ progress and we strongly encourage you to contact us for more information about participating.

Ensure that students have completed the Student Attitude to Science questionnaire and the Atom Frenzy knowledge Pre-test before starting Lesson 1.

Teacher note: The Post-Test contains an optional, additional question (7) that could be completed as part of the Post-Test or integrated into the Lesson 6, Sweet Water student worksheet. Student responses to this question could be combined with classroom observations of students carrying out the investigation to assess their science inquiry skills. It could also be used as the basis for a moderation exercise between classes and schools.

Three versions of the Post-Test are available.