I like being able to offer a genuine extension to students who need to be challenged and stimulated. I like the variety of activities that used cutting, physically moving around the room, creating a booklet, participating in a play and explicit teaching. I look forward to teaching it again.

Bernadine Blechynden

Primary Teacher, Maths for Einstein's Universe

The lessons feature the modeling of concepts with hands-on ‘concrete’ materials, an instructional approach that provides multisensory learning opportunities allowing all students with learning disabilities to be successfully included, engaged, and educated in Einsteinian physics.

The notable thing about the Einsteinian physics lessons is that students are fully engaged, disruption is rare, and […] the students with learning difficulties are practically indistinguishable from the mainstream students.

Julie Colasante

Mt Lawley SHS

The Einstein-First Project team provided outstanding support for our staff. From the first professional development session, to resource and activity orientation and questions arising during teaching sessions, the team was available to answer inquiries or make adjustments as necessary. The positive experience has resulted in increased confidence in teaching STEM through improved understanding of content.

Shelley Jenkinson

STEM (Technologies) Specialist Teacher, Floreat Park Primary School

The young, enthusiastic PhD students had the children constantly involved and active, and learning by doing, sometimes in groups, and sometimes with whole class activities. They stretched kids so that by the end they were using vocabulary and clearly understanding concepts that would normally not be introduced until high school…What was surprising was that they [the students] so easily accepted concepts that most adults and teachers find very difficult.

Tim Neil

Teacher, Mel Maria Catholic Primary School

When I attended my first PD session by the Einstein-First team, I was intrigued by the prospect of introducing content reserved for high school students to Year 3s. Now that I am actually teaching the Einstein-First curriculum, after every Science lesson, I have many little minds going “Eureka! Now I know why …” Einstein-First is here to challenge pre-conceived notions as to what little minds can fathom.

Year 2 Teacher who taught our program

I frequently tell other teachers about the benefits of including Einstein-First lessons in their delivery of the Science curriculum. The activities and experiments included in the program provide rich learning opportunities to explore important and foundational theories about our universe. I saw remarkable gains in achievement and understanding when comparing the pre and post assessment results of my students. I would recommend this program to any teachers that are interested in providing an engaging, accurate and relevant science curriculum for their students.


Year 5 teacher who taught our program

During 2021, I was introduced to the Einstein-First project. I had long been interested in the principles of Einsteinian Physics and I was very excited to discover that there had been a meaningful and appropriate way that I could deliver this content to my students. Further investigation revealed a series of engaging units that had all resources included…a huge bonus for busy educators! I trialed the ‘Fantastic Photons’ unit with my Year Five students and was astounded by not only their ability to engage with more advanced concepts but also their vastly increased engagement and enthusiasm with science in general.

Year 5 Teacher who taught our program

My own children are currently in Year 10 and Year 12, with the latter doing ATAR Physics. The fact that I wish they had been introduced to the Einstein-First program when they were in primary school summarises what I say to other colleagues.

Year 2 teacher who taught our program