UWA Plus Micro-credentials

Einsteinian Science for School Teachers

3 UWA PD Credit Points

The next class begins 8 May 2023 – Online

Einstein-First has created a UWA micro-credential unit for primary and secondary school teachers (PHYSM401 & PHYSM402, respectively). Micro-credentials are short courses that anyone can undertake to develop the desired skills, knowledge, and experience in a given subject.

These micro-credential units, created and run by the Einstein-First team, are designed for primary and secondary school teachers and educators who want to build their knowledge of a modernised school curriculum. A curriculum which matches the modern science students see in their everyday lives.

Both courses are designed for both those with or without a specialised science degree and presents the underlying concepts of modern science. These concepts are presented through simple, fun activities that use toys and models. Through these activities, you will discover that modern Einsteinian concepts of space and time, gravity, energy, and light are easy to understand and are easily taught to both primary and secondary students.

At the end of the course, you will be able to talk with your students about science topics that fascinate many of them, like black holes and quantum computers, and important issues like climate change. You will be satisfied with knowing that you are giving students the best possible preparation for life in the modern world of science and technology.

The upcoming courses will consist of online demonstrations, tutorials and training videos. The course will culminate in a hybrid in-person/live-online, two-day workshop hosted in the Einstein-First office space at UWA, Perth.

Each course will also offer an optional supplementary self-learning module to extend your learning outcomes. For primary teachers, we will offer a 1–2-week module exploring the mathematics that underpins Einsteinian science and our everyday life and methods for teaching this at a primary level. We recommend completing this prior to the beginning of the main course content. For secondary teachers, we will offer a 2-week extension module exploring a number of advanced topics in physics such as our fundamental quantum reality alongside topics in cosmology and the evolution of the universe.

Cost: $825 inc. GST
Ask your principal to support you in this invaluable professional development that will inspire you to make your teaching more fun and engaging for your students.  

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Here’s what one participant had to say

The Einstein-First Microcredential Course is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn how to teach cutting-edge science concepts in the science classroom. I went into the online class as an overseas student and the Einstein-First team went out of their way to accommodate me. Though I already knew quite a bit of the science, I was surprised at how much I learned in this course. The professors gave me new perspectives on subject material I already teach, and helped me realize there is a way to teach the Einsteinian concepts in the primary and secondary classroom settings. Even after the course, Einstein-First team members are supporting my efforts to implement their material in classrooms in the USA.

– Andy Crocker, M.A.T.

In addition, 100% of past participants agree that they would be confident to teach Einsteinian science in their schools and that the course has improved their confidence in teaching science more generally.

For more information, please contact Dr Jesse Santoso at: [email protected]