Caring for Country

Einstein-First is committed to the principle of Caring for Country and we believe it is imperative that our young people understand the basic underlying scientific principles which drive the Earth’s climate so that they can become informed and engaged citizens, and so that they can make responsible decisions in looking after the environment.

These principles are outlined in the following video which also shows highlights of a visit from an Einstein-First team to Karalundi College in Meekatharra, Western Australia. A transcript is found below.

Statement Transcript:

Australia’s First Nations people discovered the law of caring for country tens of thousands of years ago. For Australia’s First Nations, caring for country was a moral imperative. Every child learnt this law. It caused unbearable trauma when colonists violated this law. Modern science has brought recognition of the same law, but now it is for the whole planet. Caring for the planet needs our best understanding of physical reality. It is every child’s right to share this understanding. Only if everyone understands, can we work together to preserve Planet Earth for generations to come. This is our moral imperative.