Conference Talks

A collection of talks presented by our researchers at various scientific conferences.

These talks are usually presented to a specific scientific audience, and may not be intended for those without a specific background. A blurb about the conference at which each talk was presented is included.

OzGrav – April 2022


Kyla Adams presented an overview of Einstein-First to the OzGrav Australia wide team at one of their weekly telecons. These telecons are attended by members of OzGrav from all of the nodes across Australia. She presented some preliminary results, discussed the methods used at Einstein-First and showed some activities that researchers could use in their own outreach to present Einsteinian physics in a simple and fun way.

The slides can be found here.

KozWaves – Feb 2022


David Blair’s presentation at the KOZWaves conference. He discusses Gravitational waves and gravitational wave detectors. In particular, how we define waviness, and how to measure the ‘size’ of objects.

KOZWaves provides a forum for contemporary research on wave science, promoting interdisciplinary collaborations between Australasian wave scientists, and international researchers. More information about the KOZWaves conference series: here