Einsteinian physics in the media

Recent Media

Quantum Girls: a program to improve
female students’ attitude towards STEM

Jyoti Kaur and Kyla Adams from the Einstein-First/Quantum Girls team introduce the Quantum Girls program to the AIP.

Australian Physics, Volume 60, Number 3, JUL – SEP 2023

Modernising the teaching of the physical sciences

David Wood and Johanna Stalley from the Einstein-First/Quantum Girls team discuss a modern science curriculum with STAWA.

SCIOS October 2023 Volume 71, page 17

National Science Week puts
the fizz into modern physics

Einstein-First team visiting schools in Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe (Community Spirit Newsletter)

August 2023

Einstein-First and Quantum Girls National Launch

July 2023

All roads lead to an Australian eclipse

Einstein-First team experiencing the eclipse

May 2023

Data shows girls in STEM subjects still underrepresented

Susan Scott on ABC News

April 2023

Past Media Coverage

Celebrating the centenary of the Wallal Expedition

Australian Geographic

September 2022

It’s been 100 years since a photo taken on a Broome beach helped prove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

ABC Kimberley

September 2022

UWA Wallal Eclipse Expedition Celebration

UWA News

September 2022

UWA and Albemarle collaboration to reshape science for South West school kids

Harvey-Waroona Reporter

September 2022

Why we should teach more Einstein Physics in schools – a book review

23 March 2022

Resource Reviews: ‘Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools’

Physics Education

February 2022

Primary students see the big picture with Einsteinian physics

The Science Show (ABC)

27 November 2021

Short courses aim to bring Einstein’s science into the classroom

UWA News

25 November 2021

Scientists present largest number of gravitational wave detections to date

ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav)

8 November 2021

Investigating the spins of binary black hole mergers

ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav)

8 November 2021

Record number of new gravitational waves offers game-changing window into universe

The Guardian

8 November 2021

Largest number of gravitational waves to date

UWA Impact

8 November 2021

Young Einsteins: kids get early grip on modern physics

The Australian

26 October 2021

Relativity, education and creativity

National Institute for Astrophysics (Italy)

11 October 2021

Scientists who ‘laid the foundation’ for modern understanding of climate change awarded Nobel Prize in Physics


5 October 2021

Editor Interview: Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools


24 August 2021

Einstein’s too hard for school science? No, students love learning real modern physics

The Conversation

18 August 2021

Book launch leads campaign to revolutionise school science

UWA News

13 August 2021

Einsteinian physics proves a hit with girls as trial program looks to shake up science curriculum

ABC News

16 December 2020

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