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The Einstein-First Project started around the time of the first gravitational wave detection under the supervision of UWA Professor David Blair. Researchers involved in the Einstein-First program have collectively been exploring ways to teach gravitational wave discovery and the fundamentals of modern physics to students around Western Australia.

Emeritus Professor David Blair
David G. Blair is an Australian physicist and professor at the University of Western Australia and Director of the Australian International Gravitational Research Centre. Blair works on methods for the detection of gravitational waves. He developed the Einstein-First program in 2013.

Professor Li Ju
Li Ju is a Physicist at the Department of Physics, UWA. She is one of the chief investigators in the Australian Research Council Linkage Project “International collaboration in the teaching and learning of Einsteinian physics at schools”. Her other research interest is on experimental gravitational wave detection techniques.
Adjunct A/ProfessorMarjan Zadnik
Marjan Zadnik at UWA, was the Dean of Teaching and Learning in Science and Engineering, at Curtin University, overseeing the teaching quality of hundreds of academics, and the learning experience of their students. He has won many awards for excellence in teaching, including the AIP Education Medal and a National Teaching Fellowship. He has also won many competitive research and teaching grants. Current educational research projects include measuring the effectiveness of teaching Einsteinian Physics at schools, as well as investigating how students learn in science and engineering laboratory environments.
Dr. Steven Humphry
Steve Humphry specialises in Educational Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation at The University of Western Australia. He has extensive experience in the NAPLAN and WALNA large-scale testing programs. His research has focused increasingly on developing novel approaches that allow classroom teachers to reliably assess students in areas not amenable to large-scale testing such as Visual Art and Science Investigations. In Industry work, between 2011 and 2013, A/Prof Humphry has led the Central Analysis of Data project for NAPLAN, on which a team of psychometricians establish NAPLAN literacy and numeracy scales that form the basis for reporting on performance at the Australian, state and territory, school and individual student levels.
Professor David Treagust
David Treagust is John Curtin Distinguished Professor of Science Education in the School of Education at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. Formerly a secondary science teacher, his research interests are related to understanding students’ ideas about science concepts, how they contribute to conceptual change and can be used to enhance the design of curricula and teachers’ classroom practice.
Mr. David Wood
David Wood is a former education and school administrator and physics teacher. In retirement, David works in a voluntary capacity to represent the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia on the Einstein-First program. David’s interests and expertise include: school leadership, reform and improvement; curriculum reform; education program design and implementation; and advancing the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in schools agenda.
Dr. Jyoti Kaur
Tejinder (Jyoti) Kaur completed her Ph.D. in 2018 from the University of Western Australia. She is working in the Einstein-First project since 2013. Jyoti has a masters degree in Education as wells as Physics. Jyoti is interested in science education and research.
Mr. Rahul Kumar Choudhary
Rahul Kumar Choudhary graduated as a Master of Physics student from Tezpur University, India. Currently he is enrolled as a Ph.D student at the University of Western Australia. His research interest includes developing Einsteinian physics materials in pre-tertiary level and high school level, and optics. Rahul enjoys teaching science, reading and travelling.
Mr. Shon Boublil
Shon Boublil is an educational researcher, physicist and an accomplished classical and jazz musician. He hold a bachelor degrees in physics from Concordia University in Montreal and a bachelor degree in music from Berklee in Boston. His master’s degree is in physics education (didactique des sciences physique) at Laval University in Quebec. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D in physics and education at the University of Western Australia.
Ms. Carolyn Maxwell
Carolyn is a PhD student with the Einstein-First project. Her research includes investigating students’ learning progressions in the project’s Einsteinian physics curriculum and evaluating whether their conceptual understanding of Einsteinian physics is sustained over time. Carolyn is a middle school Science and Maths teacher, and high school English teacher, and holds an MEd in Educational Assessment and Measurement from The University of Western Australia. She is passionate about education and increasing the uptake of STEM subjects in schools by students from all backgrounds.
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