Einstein-First News Release – Moneghetti Minerals

Einstein-First added to Moneghetti Minerals Digging Deep Workplace Giving Program

Einstein-First is happy to announce that ​it has been added to the Moneghetti Minerals Digging Deep Workplace Giving Program. 

Moneghetti Minerals is a purpose-driven gold exploration and development company, focused on highgrade and scalable discovery opportunities in the US and Australia. The Digging Deep Workplace Giving Program enables Moneghetti staff to donate regularly through pay before tax, facilitating a simple and cost- effective way to donate to a growing list of preferred charities, of which Einstein-First is included.

We thank Moneghetti Minerals for including Einstein-First into this program, funds raised for the project through this initiative will be used to create online resources, such as recorded demonstrations, for teachers and students to further our goal of reaching every school in Australia.

Einstein-First develops innovative methods for teaching school age children the concepts of Einsteinian physics – curved space, warped time, photons, black holes, and quantum entanglement. The project is part of an international research collaboration Einsteinian Physics Education Research (EPER) and has both national partners and international partners.

Starting with foundations, Einstein-First is building a seamless progression of learning that will allow all students to appreciate the Einsteinian reality that underpins our conception of the world and our modern technologies.

The project will enable the Australian curriculum to be modernised so that all Australian children can share our best understanding of physical reality and, through the international collaboration, bring the new curriculum to children across the world.

If you would like more information about how to contribute to Einstein-First, please contact Dr. Jyoti Kaur: [email protected].


The Press Release from Moneghetti Minerals can be found here.