Einstein-First News Release – DDH1

DDH1 Limited sponsoring the development

of online Einstein-First resources

Einstein-First is pleased to announce our newest sponsor – DDH1.

DDH1 Limited operates drilling rigs across Australia, and has services in diamond coring, reverse circulation drilling services for the natural resources industry.

DDH1 has generously contributed to community events such as the Up All Night fundraising walk for Ronald McDonald House, and is now expanding their community engagement to include the Einstein-First project.

DDH1 will be contributing $20,000 per year for the next three years to Einstein-First. This money will be used to produce our online resources.

Einstein-First aims to modernise Australian school science by introducing Einsteinian concepts from an early age and building a seamless curriculum that enables all children by Year 10 to have basic a understanding of the science that underpins our lives. The project has produced a range of activity-based learning resources that have been highly effective in teaching modern and relevant concepts of science such as curved spacetime, toy photons, and renewable energy kits for primary and secondary school students. Our research results indicated that the Einstein-First approach reduced the gender gap in STEM and improves all student attitudes to STEM.

The next stage of the project, with the support from DDH1, will focus on scaling up the existing project from face-to-face teacher training to online learning. We will create online teacher training resources including short instructional activity videos to roll out the project across Australia.

If you would like more information about how to contribute to Einstein-First, please contact Dr. Jyoti Kaur: [email protected].