Einstein’s theory of gravity

According to Einstein’s theory, gravity is a geometric phenomenon inherent in warping of spacetime by matter as opposed to Newton’s theory which states that gravity is a force that emanates from matter.

Video credit: Yohanes Sudarmo Dua

Geometry on Curved Space

Spacetime is curved and is described by non-Euclidean geometry. The curvature of space determines how the sum of the angles and the perimeter of a triangle are related.

Video credit: Yohanes Sudarmo Dua

Gravitational Deflection of Light

According to Einstein, spacetime around a massive object is curved due to an object’s gravity. Therefore, the spacetime around that object is not flat but curved.

Video credit: Yohanes Sudarmo Dua

Perihilion shift of Mercury

The elliptical orbital pattern of planets cannot be stationary in curved space and must precess. However, the observed astronomical data revealed a discrepancy in Mercury’s precession as predicted by Newton’s theory, but later solved by Einstein’s theory.

Video credit: Yohanes Sudarmo Dua

Soap film interference

A vivid and  a beautiful illustration of the wave-like behaviour of quantum particles can be seen using reflective interference of light in a soap film.

Video credit: Alex Foppoli

How to make gold (Play)

Primary school students enacting the play How to make gold

Video credit: Students of Mel Maria Catholic Primary School