Electricity Generation: A Quick lil Summary

May 19, 2017

When a conductive material (most commonly metal, but potentially an electrolyte solution(??)) is placed under normal conditions, the electrons are dispersed evenly throughout the object.


If a magnetic force is applied to this material, the electrons move to one direction - this material now experiences a voltage difference across it.

If more metal is connected to both sides of the material, we can control the movement of the electrons.



A flow of electrons begins to occur.

The construction of a loop made entirely out of a conductive material can be used to control the direction of the electron flow.




When we use the word electricity we are essentially talking about the flow of


If a magnetic force is continuously supplied, a constant stream of electricity will be produced.



A generator consists of magnets interacting with one another, they can interact in multidimensional directions. 


The generator requires a force to be applied in order to rotate/move the magnets; a larger force applied will result in a stronger electron flow.












The loop placed in the magnetic field has produced electricity.


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