Role plays

Role plays are very powerful ways to introduce concepts and also showcase science as being a human endeavour.

People are welcome to use these for education purposes, however we would appreciate to be informed if you do and would like the project to be acknowledged.

The story of light
A role-play based on events starting from Maxwell, Hertz, Einstein, Feynman and Physics Nobel laureates of 2017

How to make gold
The story of the formation of gold in the Universe.

Photons and Phonons
A fun way to learn about photons and phonons.
Quantum weirdness
A play about the discovery of quantum mechanics and quantum weirdness and its application to gravitational wave detectors.

Free Float
A light hearted exploration of the ideas of the modern theory of space, time and gravity

A fun way to learn about the four most important elements: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, and how these atoms like to join into little family groups called molecules.