Inaugural Int Workshop

VR Teaching Einsteinian Physics
– Jackie B

Trials of EP Education
– Matteo L.R

Time in SRT and GRT
– Richard T.

The Road to Special Relativity
– Ron B.

Teaching Einsteinian Physics to Year 3 Students
– Jyoti K.

GDC and Paradigm Change in Action
– David T.

Science Education Future
– David B.

Teaching Cosmology
– Joao P.

Outcomes Collaboration
2020 Report

Impact in Einsteinian Physics Education
– Magdalena K.

A Teacher’s Perspective
– Richard M.

From Toy Photons to Phasors
– Rahul C.

Primary School Concepts
– David B.

Assimilation of General Relativity in Israeli Schools
– Fadeel J.

Overcoming Misconceptions in Teaching Relativity
– Theo H.

Gender Response to EP Interventions
– Jyoti K.

Charting Learning Progressions
– Stephen H.

Issues arising from Conference Presentations
– Robin G.