Structure of the programs

Our programs are designed to improve motivation and provide an unforgettable experience as we teach the following concepts

 Electromagnetic Radiation

Gravitational Waves

Dark Matter & Dark Energy

Nuclear Energy


Black Holes in the Universe

Neutron Stars


The cost of the in-class programs will be negotiated at the time of booking, some programs may be provided free of charge if results are used for research purposes. An admission cost for the GDC and AIGO visit is included on the GDC website (









If you would like to purchase an Einstein-First Kit, which includes all material required to conduct the experiments, contact us at All kits are made to order - construction and delivery costs apply.

All programs are designed to cover areas from the following Australian curriculum criteria:

- Year 5 Light (ACSSU080)

- Year 7 Gravity (ACSSU117)

- Year 8 Energy (ACSSU155)

- Year 9 Waves & Particles (ACSSU182)

- Year 10 Space (ACSSU188)

as well as:

- Science Understanding 

- Science as a Human Endeavour 

- Science Enquiry Skills

If you have any enquiries about the Einstein-First Project or would like to organise a program, please email