Book chapters (secured)

Teaching quantum physics to middle and high school students using phasor-wheels

Rahul Choudhary & David Blair

This chapter introduces the powerful Feynman path integral approach to quantum mechanics. It uses graphical methods to provide insights into the rules of the quantum world to show how everyday phenomena have a quantum origin. This chapter is suitable for teachers who wish to provide a non-mathematical approach to quantum physics at the middle and high school level.

Einstein-First: modernising the school physics curriculum in Western Australia and beyond 

Carolyn Maxwell, David Blair, Tejinder Kaur, Rahul Choudhary & Marjan Zadnik

This chapter provides an overview of the Einstein-First project. This chapter is suitable for those readers who are interested in the integration of Einsteinian concepts across science subjects and other learning areas or wish to learn more about curriculum development in Einsteinian physics.

Discovering the basic building blocks of matter 

David Blair

This chapter takes you on a journey to discovery the basic building blocks of all matter.

Introducing quantum physics with toy photons 

Tejinder Kaur & David Blair

This chapter provides an overview of the Einstein-First project. This chapter centres on hands-on activities which were developed to teach quantum physics concepts at an early age. The physical models and analogies allow students to understand key concepts and the limitations to analogical models.

Einsteinian Physics of Climate Change 

David Blair

This chapter is about the physics behind climate change which can be easily understood in the language of Einsteinian Physics.

Gold: Einstein’s metal 

David Blair

This chapter uses gold as a vehicle for showing the relevance of Einsteinian physics. Special relativity combined with quantum mechanics explains gold’s unique colour and properties. General relativity and gravitational waves are the key to understanding how gold was created and spread throughout our galaxy, finally to be found on planet Earth.

Patterns and Atoms: the structure of atomic matter 

David Blair

This chapter connects the quantum physics of atoms to easily observable large scale wave patterns and shows how on all scales from atoms to metals to the Sun, these patterns follow simple rules of standing waves that lead to energy quantisation.

The difficult birth of Einsteinian Physics: quantum reality 

David Blair

This chapter traces the sequence of discoveries which convinced physicists of the need to replace classical theories of light and matter. At a level appropriate for high school students, the chapter describes the successive discoveries that gave us our modern understanding of quantum physics.

The difficult birth of gravitational wave astronomy 

David Blair & Magdalena Kersting

This chapter traces the sequence of discoveries which led to our current best theory of space, time, and matter. The presentation starts with special relativity and the foundations of general relativity and discusses some of the key tests of the theory before focusing on the century-long quest to detect one of the most spectacular predictions of Einstein – gravitational waves.